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Designer Year Published # of Players Playing Time Suggested Ages
Alberto Abudinen
Diego Benavente
2010 2 − 4 60 minutes 10 and up

Mi Tierra (My Land) is a worker placement game where the players represent farmers that try to labor their land in the best way possible. They will have to sow and work the land and take care of their animals so they can produce goods and sell them in the different available markets.

Come back soon to find out more about this game, including a video with the complete rules.

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A while ago there was nothing but mass market games in Chile.  A group of serious gamers started to design games in german style (or euro games, as you would like to call them) for them, just for fun, with the serious intention to open the possibilities for other gamers to play more challenging games.  The result: amazing ideas came out and awesomely well designed games.  So, why not to publish them?  The first five titles published by Aldebaran Games were card games that achieved a total success with high interest of the media, despite the lack of resource and experience they had at the moment.  Their most notably game of that time was “Súbete al Troncal” a card game that makes fun of the Chilean public transportation system.

Afterwards, they started to work hardly for new games, supporting the TV show “Huaiquimán y Tolosa”, and working with different companies that needed board games as promotional gifts.   

Now, with a lot of experience and new ideas in their bodies, they are presenting their new line of games, greatly designed and with a special look over the quality of the components. 

We invite you to experience our games, and if you are going to Chile, to meet this bunch of friends that their only intention is to have fun.  This is Aldebaran Games, challenging fun.